It Thing Hard On


«No necesito saber que tengo clase hasta el culo»


Well the doctor pulled me out and smacked me in the can
Wiped me off took a look and said «it’s a man!»
Ain’t no figuring me baby that’s a pretty sure
Bet better hold on tight baby ‘cause I ain’t a comin’ yet!
I’m the maddest road rattler that you ever done met
I’m a gear mashin’ hot rod it thing hard-on yeah,
A full blown hopped up it thing hard-on it
Thing hard-on it thing hard-on it….thing….hard-on
Well if I had a brain I’d be dangerous for sure but the way it looks now
There’s no immediate concern there’s a couple of things I guess
I don’t need to know I got class up the ass and I got a little dough
Fake eyelashes and a carload o’go I’m a full tilt nonstop
It thing hard-on yeah, a git gone hotshot it thing hard-on it thing hard-on…

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